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March 23, 2012 / jenstden

Coquitlam River shouldn’t be on endangered list, says councillor

In recent council meetings, Coquitlam city councillor Terry O’Neill has railed against banning pesticides and has questioned whether more stringent lawn watering restrictions are necessary. He continued his environmental skepticism today when he  blasted environmental group Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C. and their Top Ten Endangered Rivers List in an interview with the Coquitlam Now today. O’Neill didn’t agree with the Outdoor Recreation Council’s assessment that the Coquitlam River was polluted.

According to the report, the river is facing excessive sediment loads, most of which is caused by gravel mining and neighbouring developments.

“As a result, there continues to be a need for a thorough review of current gravel operations and the strict enforcement of existing environmental legislation,” stated the report.

Coun. Terry O’Neill, who chairs the Coquitlam River aggregate committee, called the report “typical for green progaganda groups” and claimed it is not based on scientific fact.

“It’s an activist group trying to engage people’s emotions rather than presenting the facts – in order to get public support,” he said in an interview.


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